Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Preschool Social

Today was Gallie's first "pretend" day of school.  We went to the open house to see her teachers (she'll be in the same room with the same teachers as she was last year, which is nice) and play with some of her new classmates.  Gallie is a very shy girl, but I think she's excited about it.  Towards the end she started to warm up and by the time we hit the playground there was no going back!  She was so excited about the things she couldn't do last year, but now that she's 4 1/2, she can do... like jumping up and grabbing the bar and hanging!  A small goal that means so much :)

She was pretty proud of this accomplishment too :)


Last night for our anniversary Caleb made dinner, including the steak I got him.  Gallie surprised us with this pretty flower and sweet cupcake, which we all shared after dinner.  She made the table centerpiece arrangement all by herself - so proud of her for taking after me!

The chef.

The sous chef, trying to add sugar to everything on our plates!

The dinner.  Notice my steak cut into strips so it will be completely charred and have absolutely not a smidgen of pink!  Delish.

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