Monday, August 6, 2012

State Park

Caleb has been in Alaska for the past week*, so we've been recruiting people to stay with us :)  Grandma D'j came up on Sunday and we took at picnic to the beach and explored the state park a bit.  It was really fun!  We walked around and played horses and found a little stage and put on shows :)  We also took a quick dip in the water and searched for sea glass (of course!  I'm so obsessed!).  Gallie found the best piece - a bottom of a bottle with the writing still engraved in it!

Sea Glass Art!!!

* PS I didn't mention above that Caleb is in AK on a fancy yacht eating fresh seafood for every meal, soaking in natural hot springs, whale watching, and on and on...  Uh, yeah.  This is his job.

Girls love to pick wild flowers for their mama's!

Our flowers are finally blooming!  Gallie has been picking them everyday for me :)  I love having fresh flowers around the house... especially ones that come from right outside our back door!