Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Gram Jennie!

Enjoy your drink tonight and look forward to another at the Casino when we go!  See you Sunday for tacos!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Last weekend on our way back from Tri-Cities we stopped at a giant fruit stand.  I got a huge box of peaches and some squash - LOVE squash!  It's probably my favorite vegetable... except for peas :)  I love peas in everything!

Tonight I used some of the peaches to make a salsa to go on top of my cod - it was very good.  Gallie even asked for seconds tonight - yay progress!  I also made butternut squash which gallie didn't care for so she had cucumber slices.  She did like spaghetti squash though... I made it with tomato sauce and used the squash as the noodles.  She asked if we could have it for breakfast the next morning - haha.

We have a busy weekend ahead.  Caleb has been in Washington D.C. all week and will be home on Sunday.  Gallie and I will be attending birthday parties, swimming, and having movie nights!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I recently joined Pinterest and I'm already obsessed!  You can get so many cool ideas for anything you are looking to cook, make, or do - I love it!

I just really love this photo I found too... especially the ruby red lipstick.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Over the weekend...

On Friday night we packed up and headed east to Richland, Washington with Caleb's family (Diane, Cana, Jordan & Jaclyn) to visit his grandparents.  We had a nice drive over and even stopped to enjoy the view of the sagebrush since this is my old stomping grounds :)

We got to our hotel at around 9:00 and pretty much went to bed - we were exhausted.  On Saturday morning we met up with Caleb's Grandpa Chuck and we went to visit his Grandma Betty for awhile.  She was very quiet, but really perked up when she saw Jaclyn's engagement ring!  She is looking forward to their wedding in May :)

Four generations.

We had a nice visit and spent the rest of the day going to the park, to lunch, the mall, and out to dinner by the river.  It was like 90 degrees on Saturday and stayed warm into the evening.  After dinner we went for a nice long swim and then watched some tv in our room... and we may have had some ice cream :)

Here is Gallie right before bed with a gift from Grandpa Chuck!

We had a nice drive back as well and made it home in time for dinner.  Thanks to Diane and Caleb's grandpa for an fun weekend!  We are very happy to have seen Caleb's grandma and I think it really meant a lot to her to see all of us.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainy Day

 Today was dark and rainy so we stayed inside all day.  We wanted to craft so we tried out a marbling kit I got awhile ago.  It was really fun and easy and held Gallie's attention for quite awhile.  We decided to marbleize postcards for her to mail out to her friends - they are kinda hard to see in the photo, but they had really cool designs and colors.  We will definitely use this kit a lot!  I got it on Amazon and it wasn't very expensive for how many times you can use it.

I had to throw this picture in - Gallie decided this will be her outfit when she gets off the plane in Hawaii, including the high heels!

We are off to Tri-Cities tomorrow to visit Caleb's grandparents for the weekend.  It's suppose to be 93 degrees there on Saturday so we're packing our swim suits!

Monday, September 19, 2011

School Uniform

This outfit was her basic white blouse layered over a light grey shirt paired with her skort (1/2 skirt, 1/2 short).  She also wore her new bird necklace that she won from one of the baby shower games!  They are not allowed to wear jewelry so she'll be taking this off on the way to school :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Baby Shower

Today we had a baby shower for Libby, big sister Lily, and baby Lucca.  It turned out really great and every one had a very nice time.  The baby is due in only 5 more weeks!

Gallie's special watering can dress for the shower from Gram Jennie.

Best Friends.

Other Best Friends.

Vintage Little Golden Books garland.  The two girls got to take turns picking out the books after the shower :)

Homemade (by my mom) jam favors.

The menu included Greek/Caprese skewers, ham balls (all I can say is D-lish!), an assortment of quiches, cantaloupe, and my mom's special punch.

Aren't these framed vintage book pages cute?  An addition to the new baby's room.

Gram and Gal.

This is Summer, Cody's girlfriend, who is due with a baby boy in December.

My mom in a mad dash to refresh the punch!  Go Go Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We did have a couple classic baby shower games, but also a craft!  Homemade cake plates!  I think everyone really liked this idea.  You basically glue a vintage goblet to a tea plate.  Very cute for individual desserts, cupcakes, or jewelry.

The girls were thrilled that a baby girl was one of the guests!

The Grandmas (and Molly).

For dessert we had homemade berry cobblers (by my mom), dark chocolate covered blackberries (by my dad!), and cream/jam stuffed donut holes (by Molly).  Man oh man are those donut holes sooooooo good!

A little story time after a wonderful celebration :)

I hope Libby had a nice time at her shower and hope she enjoys all those presents!!!!!!!!