Saturday, March 24, 2012

Short Break

I know I haven't posted in like 2 weeks!!!  But I've been so busy with the new house, selling our condo, packing, work, Gallie's school, Caleb being out of town (he's in Austin right now)... I honestly haven't had time!  I'm hoping after next week things will calm down a bit.  We are still on schedule to move on May 15th so postings may have some time between them, but I'll do the best I can :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Over the weekend...

 We didn't do too much this weekend.  On Saturday morning Gallie went to her friend's house to play so Caleb and I ran some quick errands - dropped some donation stuff off (we've been starting to pack and get rid of anything we don't want/need/love), purchased fancy coffee beans (for Caleb, not me - gross), and went out for a veggie burger :)  It was pretty rainy, so we spent the afternoon in the house playing and cleaning.

Sunday was similar - we didn't do too much because of the weather.  We did drive out to the house, though, and were surprised that it now has a roof!  There stairs weren't in yet, but Caleb found a ladder and climbed upstairs to check out the view :)  Ocean view from the front, mountain view from the back!

Cody and Ayden stopped by Sunday afternoon for a few minutes and we were able to get this cute picture of him on Gallie's horse!  He was pretty excited about it for like 10 seconds - then he cried.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Can't beat free!

A couple weeks ago I got a random $10 voucher from Mini Boden and from The Gap.  I went online to see what I could get - The Gap had a coupon code for an extra 40% off, so I went to the sale section and was able to get the stretch pants, flip flops, and socks all for under $10!  Plus with free shipping!  Mini Boden is a little more expensive (but still, one of my fave kid's clothing shops), but I was still able to get the doughnut shirt (ha! Gallie loves doughnuts) shipped to me for under $10.  So I didn't spend a penny!  I love when that happens!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Gallie!!!

5 years old today!!!

Gallie woke up to snow this morning!  She thought it was pretty funny to have snow on her birthday - that hasn't happened before! (p.s. please excuse the hair!  haha)

We let her open her presents first thing :)  We got her a little stuffed animal (the tiger above), a Breyer horse figure, and a horse book - she loved everything!

Then we made her birthday cupcakes - well, birthday muffins :)  I made my special muffins that she likes last night and we frosted and decorated them this morning.  We haven't done that in awhile so it made it kinda special.

Her new Breyer horse!

Then she got to ride an actual horse!  For part of her birthday present we told her she could pick any one thing to do that day - of course she picked a horseback ride!  She got to ride Amy for 30 minutes, but I think she could have done an hour - she loved it.

In the evening Caleb's mom, sister, and grandpa came up to visit.  We let Gallie decide where we were going for dinner and she picked... the Co-op!  Haha - we asked her about 10 times if she was sure, but she definitely wanted to eat at the Co-op salad bar.  What are we doing to the poor girl?!  She actually wants to have a healthy dinner for her birthday?  We were actually quite happy about her choice because their food is quite delish!

Then they surprised her with this beauty - a horse for her doll!  She was so happy!

Besides the horse ride and dinner, we spent most of the day making these "little books" (tiny little story books for her to read to her cousins) and playing with horses (oh, and we made them a stable out of a box!).  I think she had the best day.  Happy Birthday Gallie - we love you so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Welcome home!

We drove out to the new house today - the downstairs framing is almost done! It was fun to walk through it and figure out which rooms were which. Hopefully next time we can go upstairs!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pancake Party!!!

Today was Gallie's birthday party!  There were 10 kids and it went so well!  The pajama pancake idea was a bit hit and all of the kids got a big kick out of coming with messy hair :)

The Birthday Girl!

Simon Says - Lily's turn!  She told them to sit down and then I think she told them to pretend to take off glasses and step on them!  haha.

Farm Animal Bingo!  This game was also a big hit - I intended on playing it 3 times, but I think we played it 7 times!

The Chef.

Gallie doesn't eat cake, so we made her a pancake cake!

Caleb and I wore our pj's too - and notice my messy bed head hair!

Say Cheese!