Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kitty Fever and Date Night

Today Gallie got to go to Cody's house to play with his new kitten - now she wants one more than ever!  Cody is letting Gallie and Lily name her, and so far Gallie's best pick is "Lily Mae."  We stayed for about an hour and Gal was very upset to leave but luckily she will get to play with her again tomorrow :)

Last night we had a date night at my friend Whitney's wedding - it was a beautiful night and we ate good food!  We were suppose to go out afterwords, but we are getting to old for that (30!!!) so we went home and watched a movie :)

We also had a date night last Wednesday!  Gallie went on a ferry adventure for the day with Libby, Lily, my mom and some of their friends.  They ended up coming home later than expected so we went to dinner at my favorite restaurant.  We hardly ever go out alone, so it was quite the coincidence that is happened twice in two weeks!

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