Thursday, September 1, 2011

A couple new additions...

I've been wanting a new step stool for the kitchen, versus dragging in the one from the bathroom every time Gallie wants to help me cook.  Molly found this one at a thrift store and it's perfect!  Plus it was only like $3!  I was going to paint it white, but the pale pink is growing on me :)

Secondly, I saw something exactly like this artwork in a Pottery Barn catalog and loved it... but it wasn't for sale.  After searching, I finally found a replica on Etsy.  I originally got it for the dining room, but liked it so much that I hung it in the living room.

My next house project is replacing some of our blinds with curtains... can you believe we've lived in our condo for 6 years and don't have a single curtain up???

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