Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our weekend... so far.

This pretty much sums it up.

Plus more berry picking... off to make blueberry muffins!

Li'l Stompers Performance

Here are a few pictures from ballet camp and from the performance on Friday :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

A day in the life of Caleb Young...

Project: Whatcom Tourism

Morning: Barbie's Berries. Eat free berries.

Noon: Lynden Dutch Bakery. Eat free lunch and get force fed free homemade pie.

Afternoon: Appel Cheese Farm. Eat free cheese. Plus get free cheese to take home.

Ok, ok... maybe there was a little work in there too, but come on!!!

Summer BBQ

Last night we went to Caleb's work picnic. It was at his boss' house and was so much fun! There were about 7 kids ages 2-5 (mostly younger people work there), so you can imagine how much fun Gallie had - plus we brought the bouncy house and roller coaster and they had a great swing set and tree house. It was such a pleasant evening with such nice weather and really good food.

I will have the cute little ballet performance pictures up this weekend!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dance'n the week away!

Dance camp is going GREAT! I can't believe how much fun she's having. We will definitely have to enroll her in ballet class this fall :) Today she asked me to take a really long time with my grocery shopping so I would be late and she could spend more time with her teachers!


"Step Tiger" jazz move :)

On Friday they will have a little performance for the parents - can't wait to see it!

After camp today we made homemade dog biscuits for Gallie to give to Nanny (my mom and dad's dog). It was fun as usually to bake, but boy did they smell bad! They turned out great (I think), but we'll see if the dog will eat them :)

She had to change her clothes in between due to the 10 lbs of flour that ended up on her :)

And one other thing... here is a cute little dress that Molly made Gallie out of a vintage child's slip. She dyed it and added embelishments and the horse print. I will have to post the adult slip dresses she has made - REALLY cute!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another boy!!!

Congratulations to Cody and Summer who are having a baby boy in December! Now there will be two girl cousins close in age and two boy cousins who will only be a couple months apart! Gallie is excited to be the oldest cousing of 3 boys (the two new and Elliot!) - she says she gets to boss them around :) She can't do that will Lily anymore cause she can hold her own!!!


I forgot to mention last week that Caleb's movie "Do you see colors when you close your eyes?" was accepted into Athens International Film Festival in September! Greece here we come! Well, Caleb anyway... but I hope me too!

Over the weekend...

On Saturday Jordan and Jaclyn came up to visit us! We went berry picking after lunch (went for raspberries, but were VERY excited that blueberries were ready!!!), played at the park, had a nice dinner, then treated ourselves to frozen yogurt. It was such a perfect day outside and we did such nice things to enjoy it.

Saturday was kind of a late night, so Sunday we slept in a bit. Caleb made us crepes for breakfast. Savory: smoked salmon sausage w/ homemade salsa. Sweet: blueberry and raspberry with a tripple berry sauce. Gallie refused to eat either so she had a butter "pancake" with raspberries on the side :)

After breakfast we went to Whatcom Falls park for a bit and went for a mini-hike and played at the playground. Then after lunch we went for a bike ride. We needed a couple things for dinner so we biked down to the market. Gallie loves going there because they give out stickers. I love it because they have spritzers and chocolate macaroons :) It was a hot ride, but I'm glad we went. (And yes, we do wear helmets... the picture below is posed.)

After a really good dinner (Caleb is getting to be quite a chef! Before recently he could only make salsa and omelettes) Gallie and I headed out for a walk and Caleb headed out for Harry Potter 25 or whatever one it's at. I'm sorry, but you couldn't pay me to sit through it!!!

It was a great weekend and this week is going to be really busy - ballet camp starts tomorrow!!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Even though it was raining, we didn't cancel our girl's day plans to go to the zoo. It actually ended up being a great day with warm sunbreaks. And it wasn't crowded at all! The two girls had a nice mini-vacation... the zoo, disney store, treats, and swimming at the hotel :) It's nice to get away for a night even if it's not far away.

Highlight for Gallie: Dinosaur Exhibit
Highlight for Lily: Ducks (haha)
Grossest part: Bug World!

Thanks to Libby for the best lunch!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Party 101

Delicious treats! Cake, of course, and fruit salad are a great combo. Offer tea-juice as a yummy drink. And don't forget extra sprinkes to put on EVERYTHING!

Table setting. Choose a theme (Jungle theme is very popular!) and match your settings and decorations to it. Include place settings so each guest knows where to sit.

Treat bags! Fill to the top with treats and toys. Good suggestions are color sheets, markers, lip gloss, bracelets, or any other little toys you can dig out of the toybox. Decorate and put names on each bag to personalize them!

Guests. Invite friends of all shapes and sizes! But make the birthday girl (or boy, or lion) stand out and feel special.

Gifts! Bring a thoughtful present for the guest of honor. Use pretty ribbons to be fancy.

Enjoy the party!

And don't forget to thank the hostess for all of her hard work :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Over the weekend...

More outdoor play! We made a pact to try and not spend 1 penny this weekend, so we did a lot of free activities... bike rides, parks, elementary schools, picnics, and really good dinners. We ended up spending like 2 dollars on a soda and some candy for Gallie :) But, all in all, not too bad. We're trying to enjoy all of this good weather because you never know when it will drop back down to 50 degrees!!!