Sunday, January 30, 2011

Over the weekend...

Caleb had to work late on Friday night, so after dinner Gallie and I went to Barnes and Noble for a bit just to get out. I let her pick out a couple books but she ended up throwing a fit in the car, so she got them taken away :( Then that really set her off and she basically cried the rest of the night. I think she was even still crying when she fell asleep. So much for trying to do something nice :) She really doesn't act up very much at all... I think she's going through her pre-4-year-old phase.


On Saturday we took Gallie to get her first salon hair cut. Our friend Stephanie is going to beauty school and she is really, really good! Plus kids cuts are only $5!!! Gal really liked being in the big chair and it was pretty exciting to her.

And here she is!!!! She got a few layers in the front by her face and it looked so pretty with her headband! She would never allow her hair to be cut short because then it wouldn't look like Taylor Swift - we actually braid it most nights before bed so it will be curly the next day :)

After the haricut we wen to Great Harvest for some bread (and had the most delicious rolls for a sample!). And then we went to the library - our library has a pretty good selection of kids movies so we usually let Gallie pick out a few with her books. She picked 101 Damations II, which we watched that evening and she loved it!

Sunday basically consisted of the following:

After Caleb went to Seattle for a friend's birthday party, Gallie and I made some cupcakes. It was so cold out and we just felt like staying inside all day - cupcakes are always a fun activity.

Don't worry, this wasn't the knife we used to frost them :)

I didn't get all of my cleaning done last week so tonight I need to finish. Caleb worked like 80 hours last week so he's taking the day off tomorrow to spend with Gal. He actually has an hour meeting in the morning but is taking her with him - she loves going to his work because she gets to hang out in the movie room!

On another note... The main reason I am writing this blog is for Callie. I decided that I would document each year in book form so she can have it when she is older to look back on. I hope I can keep it up throughout her childhood so she will have something she can keep forever. Anyway, her "2010" book arrived the other day and it turned out great. I am happy that I've taken the time to do this for her. Too bad I never finished her baby book - hope this will make up for it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Tonight was Gallie's very first sleepover at our house. Lily stayed the night and they were both very, very excited!

They are both FINALLY asleep... but take a listen to what was going on in the bedroom for the last 45 minutes - when they were supposed to be sleeping! Pretty funny. And cute.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Art Day

Gallie brought home two really cool art projects from school today. Caleb and I think the second one looks like the EMP!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend Getaway

On Saturday morning we decided to go on a last minute trip to Friday Harbor for the night. Callie had never been on a ferry before so we thought this would be a fun little adventure for her. Needless to say, she LOVED the ferry! We spent almost the entire hour outside on the deck - it looks chilly from the pictures, but it was a really nice day for January!

We finally went inside for a bit to eat our lunch we had packed. We were really hungry :)

Once we got to the island, we checked into our bed & breakfast - it was the cutest place! We stayed in the Four Winds Suite and it was PERFECT for us! It had a cute little fireplace, a huge jetted tub, fresh cookies on the table, and the coziest bed... what more could we ask for???

After we got settled, we walked around town for awhile and browsed the shops - I'm proud to say we didn't buy anything... not even at the toy shop! We grabbed a quick bite for dinner then headed back to our room. Gallie and I did some crafts I brought while we watched The Princess & the Frog. We got up the next morning and went down to our fancy breakfast, which was SO good! We had grilled pineapple w/ fresh coconut, greek yogurt & homemade granola, banana pancakes, and chicken apple sausages. It really was one of the best breakfasts I've had in awhile. Gal was treated with a Mickey pancake :)

After breakfast Gal and I went for a swim (haha). Then it was time to catch the ferry back home.

We ended the weekend at my mom & dad's for taco night. We really had a fun getaway together - I love those kind of close to home trips! Now this week I get to clean the house because it's disasterous - yay!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Movie Stars

Today Gallie and I spent the day at Mt. Baker - we are going to be in a commercial for Whatcom Tourism. It was fun spending the day in the snow, but we are SO exhausted! They did a summer version and it was really good so I can't wait to see this one - I will definitely post it when it's done!

We actually had a flat tire at the mountain and Caleb changed it all on his own. I feel bad that I said he wouldn't be able to do it... but he did and we made it home safe. I am impressed :)

Also, I am extra tired because I stayed up late last night making Gallie's Princess Tea Party birthday invitations. Yes, her birthday is in March. And yes, I am slightly insane.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Over the weekend...

We didn't do much on Saturday and the only time we left the house was to go grocery shopping :) We did do so much playing that Gal went to bed at 7:30 and Caleb & I watched The Social Network, which was really good.

On Sunday we got up and Caleb made us "egg mcmuffins." The rest of the morning was pretty lazy as well. When we finally got dressed I played around with Gal's hair :)

Then we went up to Libby's B-day dinner. We got her some Paris themed window decals - I think she liked them!

I think we are all finally feeling better. Tonight Gal is staying the night at Grammy's house - watching Lilo & Stitch and eating Wonder Pets fruit snacks - what happens at Grammy's stays at Grammy's!

Happy Birthday Libby!!!

Libby is 25 today!!!

Here are 25 fun facts about her:

1. Her daughter Lily AnnMarie Lange is 2 years, 1 month, and 4 days old today!
2. When she was little, she was obsessed with wearing chokers.
3. Shares a birthday with Kate Moss.
4. She should have been born French.
5. Broke her arm when she was little because all of us were trying to make her fall down when jumping on our neighbor's big trampoline - had a hot pink cast.
6. Is an LPN, but in school to be an RN.
7. Will soon make a ton of money as an RN, but could also make a lot of money being a tatoo artist, an interior decorator, or a greeting card writer.
8. Doesn't do things "by the book."
9. Isn't too great of a driver.
10. Is going to take Lily to Paris when she's 5.
11. Has traveled all around Italy.
12. Her house is the preferred place of choice for family gatherings.
13. Loves to shop.
14. Likes photography (especially of Lily).
15. Bought the same car as me cause she thinks I'm so cool :)
16. Had really, really, really long hair when she was little.
17. Likes chick flicks.
18. Has about 10 tatoos (or more... I don't even know).
19. Is obsessed with children's hair clips.
20. Favorite drink is Diet Coke.
21. Favorite childhood movie was Beauty and the Beast.
22. Is the youngest of 4, therefore, she was spoiled!
23. When she was little she wanted to be a baby doctor.
24. Believes you can class up scrubs by wearing heels.
25. Lily is her BFF!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Here is where the two sickies have been for the past two days.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Over the weekend...

Ella and Ady came to visit! It ended up just being a girl's day because Greg was out of town and Caleb was sick. We had a really fun day of playing, crafting, eating, and walking. We really, really wish they lived closer... heck, we wish they would move in with us!

We ended they day with a surprise dinner at IHOP! Babycakes are always a sure thing with 3 and 4 year olds :)

Sunday was spent nursing Caleb back to health... this included (for him) breakfast in bed, movies all day, and being waited on hand and foot. For me, it was non-stop dishes, disinfecting the bathrooms, and all day laundry. But, I also got to do some really fun things with Gallie! We actually got a bit of snow Saturday night, so we took advantage of it.

In the afternoon I made homemade chicken noodle soup and Gal helped me make biscuits.

And yes, the ones covered in an extra cup of flour were just as delicious as the ones made according to the recipe!

Gal and I both woke up sick Monday morning... all that effort spend keeping the house clean over the weekend was a waste. Hopefully we get better soon. Looks like tomorrow could be a no school, no work day :)

Oh yeah - Here is the picture of Gallie on her first day back at school!