Tuesday, August 31, 2010


We had a great time and timed the weather perfectly! The two days we spent at the park were sunny and pretty warm and today it was rainy and cold. Callie took her first airplane trip and loved it! I know it seems silly to take a 45 minute plane ride, but it was nice to not drive for over 6 hours each way and it was an adventure for Gallie.

At Silverwood she went on every ride she could and was so disappointed that she was too short to go on the Panic Plunge (see below)! Her favorite ride was the Tiny Toot Coaster. Mine was the Paratrooper. Caleb is a baby and doesn't like rides, but his least favorite was the Tilt-a-Whirl... he started day two with Dramamine. This is our second year going to Silverwood and it is a perfect vacation spot for small kids - and parents!

Caleb and I also celebrated our 7th anniversary while we were there - we decided not to do gifts this year, but I did get chocolate covered strawberries which were sooooooooo good! We had a nice dinner and went for a long walk afterwards - we ate so much, so really needed it!

We had a really fun time together and hope to do it again next year!

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Long Fall

Today was my 1st of 11 days off!!! We decided to celebrate with dinner out so Gallie got dressed up, I did her hair in a bun with flowers, and she did her own makeup - and it looked really pretty!

As we were leaving, the evening took a turn and she fell down the stairs. This is the first time this has ever happened to her. She just tripped over her shoes and tumbled down. She was very shook up so we stayed home so she could rest. Her wrist is still really sore and her eye is swolen, scraped, and bruised. She seemed a lot better before bed, though, so I think she will be ok.

On a brighter note... Caleb is home from his trip and brought back surprises as promised. A new nighty! He had a good time, but worked really hard and was VERY tired!

We leave for our trip to Silverwood tomorrow - I will have lots of pictures to share!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I gave Gallie a bang cut last night... they are a little messy from sleeping, but didn't turn out too bad. At least better than the ones I got as a kid -sorry mom, but it's true!

Caleb left for NYC this morning... so jealous, but he promised to bring home surprises!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Over the weekend...

Saturday was a perfectly relaxing day. We lounged around the house, went for a walk, played outside, and ate good meals at home. On Sunday we went out to my mom's birthday bbq - it was a 3 day b-day event :)

Before dinner, we ate some snacks...

Then went down to the beach for a walk and some shell collecting.

Trying to put bunny ears on Caleb...

A very nice way to end the weekend.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today we went out to lunch for my mom's b-day! It was Gallie's idea so we went to... RED ROBIN HOOD! I've been there more in the past month than I've been my whole life!

We had a really fun lunch... and the best part was the sundae! And how embarrassed she got when they made her stand up!

When I got home from work we went for a long wagon ride around the neighborhood, had an easy dinner of last night's leftovers, and are watching Snow Buddies as we speak.

Very much looking forward to a relaxing weekend before Caleb's NY trip and our family VACATION next weekend!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun at the Fair!

We had a great girls day! Ella and Ady came up early this morning... the girls played for awhile then we headed to the park for an early lunch. Then it was off to the FAIR!

This calf was only 1 day old - and Gallie got to pet him!

After we looked at animals we had treats - and lots of them! We all shared cotton candy, popcorn, and mini donuts! Then we let the girls go on a couple rides...

We had a great time, but were VERY tired! When we got home, we had a healthy dinner to make up for all the fair food. Then changed into PJ's for the rest of the evening! We can't wait to see Ella and Ady again!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Over the weekend...

We had a pretty busy weekend! Saturday morning we went blueberry picking with Caleb's dad and then had a picnic at the park. There is a really nice park in Lynden that has treehouses, climbing walls, and a little creek running through it. Callie was quite upset that she only got to play for an hour and a half, but it was getting hot :)

On Sunday we went down to our friends' house for a BBQ (on the hotest day of the year!!!). The girls played out in the water all day! They had quite the set up - 2 pools, a "water slide," sprinklers galore, a roller coaster, and water guns!!! Needless to say, the adults were all soaked within the first 10 minutes!

Can't have too much of a good thing!

Filling up on fluids!!!

Just when you think they can't be anymore worn out, they get a sudden burst of energy!

We had a great day and may have a girls day in the works later this week!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Puppy Taxi

These pups are riding in luxury!!! Callie rode all the way to the park and back with only a little help up the hills. Luckily, for the pups, she has a little more control with the handle bars than the car steering wheel!