Monday, August 1, 2011


I had Monday off this week because I have to cover for someone at work on Wednesday. It was nice having a 3 day weekend :) We really did a lot! We started the day with some breakfast (blueberry raspberry muffins, scrambled eggs, and fresh picked raspberries) and then did some playing (house).

We headed into town because we had a few books to return to the library and ended up bringing home a few more. We are on a Berenstain Bear kick at our house - I think we have like 12 checked out right now!

We had planned on going to Great Harvest for some bread (and a slice for a snack!), but I guess they are closed on Mondays? So we went to the donut shop instead (not as healthy, I know, but equally delicious). Gallie and I split a rainbow sprinkle donut and we took Caleb one at work. We actually stopped by the park to eat ours and played for a bit. Gallie is getting really good at swinging on the "big swings." I really love swinging too.

We were starving when we finally made it home and Gallie requested oatmeal for lunch, so I said ok and made our second breakfast of the day - oatmeal w/ raisins, honey, and berries; turkey sausage; and grilled asparagus.

After lunch we decided to do some crafting - I had a recipe for some sidewalk chalk paint (just equal parts corn starch and water, then add food coloring) so we tried it out.

Our neighbors are gunna love us! Luckily it will wash away with the next rain, which around here won't be long.

It got kinda hot in the afternoon, so we went inside and did more crafting - shrinky dinks! I remember having a lot of fun with those as a kid and Gallie did too! It was just a little set I picked up on Amazon for $4.99 and it was really worth the price! It was a ballet jewelry kit. Gallie was really proud of everything she made - especially the earings that I'm going to wear to work tomorrow :)

For dinner we had salmon sausage spaghetti with farm greenbeans and honeydew. Gallie had noodles with salmon on the side, greenbeans (cut up very small), zuchinni from the spaghetti sauce, and yogurt. We've really been trying to have her eat what we eat even if we have to separate it a bit. After dinner I made more muffins - they were a big hit.

And now I'm really tired!


Greece Update:

So after thinking about it A LOT, we've decided not to go to the festival in Greece. Since their economy is near bankruptcy, they can only pay for hotel accomodations (which is still nice), but the airfare is really high right now. And if we are going to spend that much money, we want to be able to stay for more than a few days. We have been talking about doing a Europe trip in Spring 2013 when Gallie is a little older so I think we're just going to wait for that. It would be a great experience though and it's hard to turn down! I tried to convince Caleb to go alone, but he wants to wait too. He just found out the movie made it into a festival in Montreal and is still awaiting a bunch more... so far he's had no denials!

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