Sunday, May 29, 2011

Over the weekend...

I somehow ended up with a 5 day weekend! On Friday we had the school picnic and I watched Lily. The girls had a great day! It was raining when we got to the park, but turned pretty nice by the time we left.

On Saturday we went to the Ski to Sea parade downtown. It was a little less lame than the one last week, but not by much :) Callie was not interested and in a pretty bad mood, so we left half way through. She fell asleep in the car so we went for a drive and she ended up sleeping for almost two hours! Her tiredness must have been the reason for the crankyness :)

Saturday night we went over to Caleb's co-worker's house for dinner. It was so much fun - they had a horse, so Gallie was impressed right away! They made us a delish dinner and then we roasted marshmallows. With it staying deceivingly light out and with us having such a good time chatting, we didn't leave until after 10:00! Definitely past Gallie's bedtime... but she did have that nap so I didn't feel so bad :) Their daughter is actually going to nanny for us a couple of days a week during the summer, so this gave us all a chance to talk and get aquainted.

On Sunday we had plans to go visit Greg, Alena, Ella, and Ady in Seattle and go to the zoo. We usually go with them at least once a year. The zoo was very fun this time (makes it easier now that the girls are all older) and we got to see the new dinosaur exibit. Gallie LOVED it! She is way into dinosaurs because of The Land Before Time movies (she's seen a couple of them, but they have like 10!)

This trip was the absolute best the girls have ever played together. We went back to the Young's (no relation, but it's neat that the girls have the same last name!) after the zoo for a bbq. They played dollhouse, stuffed animals, chase, parade, and cooking! We were quite amazed and actually got to have adult time! They even dressed themselves for bed all alone - it was very cute!

We ended up having a pretty busy weekend considering we started with no real plans. And I am so, so happy to have 2 more days off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tuesday night we have Caleb's world premier at SIFF!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My mom... one great gal!

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the school picnic is tomorrow! Of course, we are bringing cupcakes :)

***Cupcake Update***

Everyone knows we love making cupcakes :) I get a lot of our spinkles, wrappers, and toppers at the Cupcake Social shop on Etsy. I really love their stuff and Gallie especially loves the edible sugar toppers!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Gram Pieper!

She turned 82 yesterday! My mom is going to pick her up this week to visit us for the month of July. Happy B-day Gram!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Over the weekend...

On Friday after work we went to the Jr. Ski to Sea parade downtown. Gallie had fun, but I have to say the parades in this town are very lame. I'm from a tiny town in Oregon and at least they would spend 5 bucks on a bag of candy to throw out! And at least they didn't consitute 5 people walking down the street in matching t-shirts as a parade float. Nonetheless, Gal did have fun :) And we're going to another one on Saturday!

Saturday turned rainy, but we had planned to go garage saling, so we went anyway. We found some pretty good deals! We got this dress for 25 cents! (she wore it Saturday afternoon and Sunday!)

And we got this vintage polly pocket for only 25 cents!!!

And of course we couldn't come home without a new "guy." It's name is flower - she names all her new guys flower :)

Saturday afternoon we played and did a bunch of drawing. This one is of fairies visiting Rapunzel at her tower.

This one Gallie made for me :) She's getting pretty good at her writing!

This is one I made - haha.

This is Ariel at her barn.

On Sunday we cooked! Caleb's favorite food in the whole world is salsa. He tried out a new recipe which involved roasting the vegetables - he said it was ok, but won't make it again. He'll eat it all though, don't worry!

After that he made crepes for dinner! They were very, very delish - crab stuffed for us and ham stuffed Gallie.

And then we had desert :) Mmmmm...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Love the SUN!

Gallie has developed a fear of her bike - she will go on any rollercoaster imaginable, but is scared of her bike. I've been making her get on it for at least one loop around the block each day. Today started out pretty bad... crying, screaming, shaking. I felt bad because I was kind of a meany. I didn't let her get off and I was very stern. I usually don't force her to do stuff when she's scared, but I know she can ride her bike because she did it all last summer. Anyway, after the second loop she actually started enjoying it :) Which I knew she would. She's still pretty lazy about it though, but I'm hoping after a couple weeks she will be speeding past me!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Over the weekend...

We did absolutely nothing. It rained and we just stayed in. Kinda nice I guess, since we just got back from vacation.

In other happenings, Caleb's movie premier is coming up. The day we got back from California he left us at the Seattle airport to continue onto Bellingham so he could attend the SIFF opening night gala. They had to go down the red carpet and do interviews with press. Caleb ended up speaking in about his film during the ceremony. I was suppose to go, but was just too tired and the timing didn't work out.

Here is a blurb from the Seattle Times with showtimes. "Do You See Colors When You Close Your Eyes?": "I really loved this film — it's a beautiful story, and it drew me in," said Barrett of Bellingham filmmaker Caleb Young's drama of a family tragedy. Shot in Washington over just seven days, it stars Sage Price in the dual role of twin brothers. (7 p.m. May 31 at the Admiral; 11 a.m. June 4 at the Harvard Exit)

There is more information, including the trailer, on the Seattle International Film Festival website. You can click here.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Class Photo

Since Gallie was gone during class photo day, her teacher took a picture yesterday so she would have one. Her best friend in class is the little girl standing next to her, Emmy :)

Caleb got home yesterday from San Francisco (he left the day after we got back from our trip) and brought presents - a new t-shirt nighty, of course, for Gallie.

And Dark Chocolate bars for me - yum!


Just wanted to share a really nice picture my dad took of Gallie :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to the best and prettiest mom ever! We love you.

Also, Happy Mother's Day to me! I am so lucky and thankful to be the mom of the sweetest girl. She is my best friend and makes me so happy.

Molly hosted a very lovely brunch this morning. We had a nice afternoon. Caleb made fresh rolls for dinner. It was nice to be waited on all day for a change!

Gallie is camping out in her tent tonight. It was a spur of the moment idea she had :) She's cute!

Vacation is over :(

But it sure is good to be home :) We had a really good time together. Gallie did have a few (major) fits but over all she was a really good girl. She is so easy to travel with - and she loves flying! She's also great to travel with because she always makes us laugh. It was nice to get away from chores, work, and strict parenting (haha) and just have fun! What other time ever can Gallie have a happy meal for dinner three nights in a row?!?

Here are a few more pictures from our trip!!!