Thursday, December 30, 2010

As the year comes to an end...

We had a really great year. A lot of things happened - Callie turned 3! Caleb finished school! - but a lot of things stayed the same... which is good. Since I only started this blog mid-year, here are some good moments from the first half.

Here's to another great year ahead!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Happiness

Here are a few pictures from our past few days - we had a really nice Christmas and hope everyone else did too!

For the past two days, Gallie has been wearing this tinsel in her hair prentending she is Rupunzel :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Over the weekend...

On Saturday we headed down to Seattle for a girls morning of mani's and pedi's. Gallie was so excited to be going out with the "big girls." She was definitely Jaclyn's girl that day!

She chose sparling pink and flower decals for her and chose sparkle red for me - very Christmasy :) I'm so happy to spend time with her and so glad she can come everywhere with me!

Next we headed to Josh and Emily's for the Young family Christmas party. It was really fun and Gal stuck to Elliot like glue :) We decided to just do gifts for the kids this year and that was perfect. Gallie got to open her gifts that day and by the end was really into ripping the paper off as fast as she could! Everyone was very generous and she honestly loved every single gift she got.

That night we went to our friend's house for dinner and a sleep over! Gallie got to bunk up with Ella & Ady (beyond thrilled about that!) and Caleb & I were hosted in their new guest house! We always have a great time with them - the girls didn't go to bed until 10:00... they chatted for about 1/2 hour :) And the adults stayed up until almost 2 am playing cards, eating ice cream, and chatting.

This is SO CUTE!

We headed home Sunday after a delicious breakfast and some play time. Most of the afternoon was spent playing with Gal's new gifts. Jaclyn & Jordan - the fashion plates were a HUGE hit... even Caleb got really into it! I remember having them as a kid. The giant book of over 700 stickers from Josh, Emily, and Elliot was also enjoyed. They are already all over the house... some gifts just keep on giving! (and no, we don't let her stick stickers on things in the house - we make her stick it on paper, cut it out, and then use tape to hang it up :)

Yes, this is Caleb coloring!

Gallie also got dress up Sleeping Beauty and Belle dolls from Cana & Grandma D'j, a bicycle bell from Ella & Ady, and a Wii from Grandpa Mike! She says thank you to everyone!!!

I can't believe Christmas is in 5 days!!!