Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy 28th Birthday Cody!

Congratulations! Your age finally equals the number of tatoos you have! For now at least...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Princess Tea Party

Today was Callie's royal princess tea party. They started out with a sticker scavenger hunt then made their way to an afternoon tea. In attendance was the birthday girl, Lily, Ella, Ady, and Bailey. I think all of the girls really enjoyed themselves and they looked absolutely gorgeous!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Look what I found...

I was online getting ready to sign Callie up for pony camp again this summer and this picure was on the front of the camp page! I guess it was also in all of the flyers they sent out this year.

And the other day her teacher asked permission for the Catholic School to use her picure in the preschool flyer that they will use for the next few years. With all of these publications and commercials she has been in lately, we better get her an agent :) I will post the flyer and commercials soon.

She also recently asked us if she could take singing lessions. This girl is definitely going to be in the entertainment business - Like father, like daughter.

Guess who?

Can you tell which picture is who???

Monday, February 21, 2011

Interview with a soon-to-be 4 year old!


Why are you most excited to turn 4? - "So I can jump really high."
Favorite color - Pink & Purple
Favorite movie - Lilo & Stich
Best Friends - Bobby (Lily), Mommy, & Daddy
Favorite thing to do with friends - Play with Rosebud the puppy.
Favorite food - Oatmeal (I find this quite interesting because for her birthday dinner she requested biscuits w/ butter, noodles w/ butter, green beans, and hot dogs)
Grossest food - GARBAGE (haha)
Favorite fruit - Strawberries & Bananas
Favorite veggie - Cucumbers
Favorite music - TAYLOR SWIFT
Favorite Taylor Swift song - the new one ("Mine")
What do you want to be when you grow up? - "A movie maker"
Favorite princess - Rapunzel
What makes you happy? - "When Mommy comes home."
What makes you sad? - "When Mommy leaves."
What makes you mad? - "When I don't get to eat what I want before bed."
Favorite treat - Licorice
Favorite thing to do with your family - Watch movies
Where do you want to go on vacation? - "DisneyLand & Silverwood"
Favorite book - Go Stich, Go

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Over the weekend...

On Saturday morning we took Callie to the Everett Children's Museum. It was a really good one... way better than Seattle. They had an AMAZING outdoor area, but it was pretty windy and cold. We want to go back when it's a little warmer because I think we would spend a lot of time out there - they even had an archaeological area where you could dig up dinosour bones! I would definitely recommend it for anyone with younger kids.

Down on the farm! There is a picture of me milking a cow, but it was too weird to post :)

Construction site used to build Rapunzel's tower.

Ferry Boat - be prepared to get wet!

They had a smoke'n hot connection.

Family light show!

After the museum we went down to Seattle to our friends' house. The guys took the little girls to the park for some bike riding while the big girls did a little shopping. I was in desperate need of jeans and luckily found a couple pair. When we got back they made us a delicious dinner and dessert. We headed home around 8:00, which was perfect because Gallie fell asleep after about 2 minutes in the car - she was exhaused from such a fun day!

On Sunday Caleb was gone most of the day judging a film festival. Gallie and I did some chores around the house and did some projects for her birthday. Her party was suppose to be 2 weekends from now, but Caleb has to go to New York spur of the moment and was suppose to be the butler. We decided to move it to next weekend so we only have a few more days to get everything ready. I'm trying to do a mostly homemade party this year, and I think everything is turning out really cute!

I am SO HAPPY to have tomorrow off! And tomorrow I will be posting a new video...

Friday, February 18, 2011


Yesterday we booked our vacation to Hawaii in November. Caleb and I went about 6 years ago and are excited to go back. We chose Maui this time because we've heard it's the most kid friendly island. Since we had snow this past November, it will be the perfect time to be out on the beach!

Gallie is especially excited because that's were Lilo & Stich live :) Although, it will be sad when she finds out they are on vacation the exact time we will be there :(

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures from a little photo shoot we did with Gallie a couple weeks ago. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

We celebrated Valentine's Day Sunday morning because it's hard to do all that stuff when you're rushing to get out of the door by 8:00. I made a treasure hunt for Gallie to find her gift - she had fun with that. I got her a Kelly doll (Barbie's little sister, which is now named Callie), a paint book, a little coin purse with her name on it, and a homemade valentine. Then we made pink pancakes with sprinkles and strawberries & bananas - yum!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Survey Time!


1. Favorite TV show right now - Bones, Mad Men, and Castle
2. Favorite TV show of all time - Friends
3. Dream job - stay at home mother/professional blogaholic
4. Chore you despise - grocery shopping
5. Guilty pleasure -Mountain Dew
6. Favorite midnight snack - sea salt & vinegar chips
7. Favorite movie of all time - Almost Famous
8. Favorite recent movie - It's Complicated
9. Favorite article(s) of clothing - skinny ankle jeans and plain colored t-shirts
10. Favorite book - don't like to read books, only magazines
11. Who would you like to join at dinner - Kath Eats and Taylor Swift (for Gallie)
12. Dream vacation - France & Italy
13. Movie your spouse loves that physically hurts you to watch - Primer
14. Hobby you wish you had time to start - Yoga
15. Something that annoys you - People (person) placing garbage on the counter... 6 inches from the garbage can. And that same people placing dirty clothes right beside the laundry basket.
16. Something that makes you really happy - Gallie
17. Wish I could buy my wardrobe at - JCrew
18. Something you want to accomplish in the next year - Convince my job to let me work part time
19. People may think I'm crazy because - I have about 20 different sponges and freak if they are used to clean the wrong thing
20. Something really great about me - I like helping people (I take after my mom... except she is way nicer than me)
21. Fond childhood memory - My grandma bringing me a tea cup and saucer with a sip of pop and a gummy worm before bed when we were living with her while our house was being built. I do that for Gallie now... minus the pop.
22. Favorite holdiay and why - Labor Day because it's always warm.
23. Something you're looking forward to - Disneyland with Caleb and Gallie!!!
24. Cartoon you secretly like - Clifford the Big Red Dog
25. Favorite children's book - Love You Forever


1. Favorite TV show right now - Dexter (or Mad Men for lighting and prod design)
2. Favorite TV show of all time - Seinfeld
3. Dream job - Filmmaker
4. Chore you despise - All of them
5. Guilty pleasure - McSkillet Burrito (I know, disgusting)
6. Favorite midnight snack - Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips
7. Favorite movie of all time - Fight Club
8. Favorite recent movie - Red Riding Trilogy (Can't decide which one)
9. Favorite article(s) of clothing - Blue button up shirt with blue skinny tie
10. Favorite book - The Adventures of Kaviler and Clay
11. Who would you like to join at dinner - David Fincher, George Clooney and David Gordon Green
12. Dream vacation - England, France, Spain and ending in Italy
13. Movie your spouse loves that physically hurts you to watch - Never Been Kissed
14. Hobby you wish you had time to start - Yoga
15. Something that annoys you - People talking on their speaker phone in public
16. Something that makes you really happy - My gals, everyday
17. Wish I could buy my wardrobe at - J. Crew or the Mad Men store
18. Something you want to accomplish in the next year - I want to make another feature film
19. People may think I'm crazy because - I love working.
20. Something really great about me - nothing really, my gals are though.
21. Fond childhood memory - Finding Josh at Grannie's house
22. Favorite holdiay and why - Christmas because I love to see gal open gifts.
23. Something you're looking forward to - Disneyland with the family this spring
24. Cartoon you secretly like - SuperWhy
25. Favorite children's book - Hop on Pop or Sneetches...can't decide.

Survey of an almost 4 year-old coming soon!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Over the weekend...

All week we have been planning to go antiquing on Saturday morning. Gallie was pretty excited and even set out this outfit the night before - completely picked out herself!

We picked up Molly and set out. I was looking for little mismatched tea cups and saucers for the birthday party coming up. We ended up having more luck thrifting than antiquing. Gallie even found a stuffed animal baby Nala the exact same size as her baby Simba. She was SO happy! And it was only 25 cents!

Molly invited me and Gal to spend the night so we went over in time for a delish dinner. We've been working on party favors for the birthday so thought that would be a good chance to get them done. I need Molly's help because they had to be sewn... and I don't sew. After a quick lesson, I actually ended up doing a decent job on a couple of them. Mmmm... makes me hungry.

On Sunday Caleb had plans to watch the Super Bowl at home. He is not into sports at all... hmmm... excuse to sit on the couch all day? Yep, I think so. Gal and I decided to throw a party for the three of us so Caleb went to the store to get supplies and we whipped up some tasty snacks.

While Caleb was watching, we worked on Valentines for Gallie's class - They are having a party on Thursday. We decided to make them this year - she did a really good job - each one is definitely unique!

The weekend went by way too fast... can't believe it's Sunday night. The past few weeks have not been great food wise around here - I'm in a cooking rut. Tonight we actually made a menu of things that will be easy for work nights - and things we haven't had for awhile. The meals include Pesto/Mozz/Tomato Panini's (grilled cheese and spinach for Callie, of course) w/ fruit (and chocolate panini's for desert!), homemade tomato soup w/ rolls (I've attempted this before and it wasn't great, but I think I know what went wrong, so I will try again), grilled tofu noodle stirfry (callie really loves baby corns right now, so they will be in there), and baked toast w/ eggs and chopped tomato in the middle and turkey bacon/sausage. All of Gal's servings are altered a tad to gain the approval of an almost 4 year old :) She did eat a whole shrimp last week so we are making improvement!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Last night I woke up and heard Callie talking in her room. I went in and her eyes were open and she said "I just love her." Then I asked, "who?" And she said, "Bobby." Then she smiled and fell right back asleep. I thought that was sweet. She sure does love her cousin!

Bobby is a nickname we gave Lily. When she was a baby, Callie called her baby Lily for the longest time. Then it became bobba Lilla. And now it's just Bobby :)

Here is a picture from the first time they met.