Sunday, February 19, 2012

Over the weekend...

Gallie had quite an adventure this weekend!  Our friends from Seattle (the other Youngs!) came up and stayed with us Saturday night.  We had pizza and watched a movie with the kids - then they spent an hour in their sleeping bags giggling and playing and having a pretty cool sleepover :)  In the meantime us adults played a dice game they taught us and had a glass of wine - pretty wild!

Finally asleep!

On Sunday morning Lily joined the girls (that made 4 girls ages 3-5!!!) and we went on a mountain adventure!  We drove to Mt. Baker with the intentions of sledding only to find out it isn't allowed there anymore.  But the girls didn't care at all - they had a blast playing in the snow and didn't even mention the sleds.  We packed a lunch and ate in the lodge (part of the mountain adventure!) and then played for another hour or so.

I didn't pack my camera in the snow so I only have pictures of them sitting on the sleds by the car :)  But believe me, they had the best time!

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