Sunday, February 12, 2012

Over the weekend...

Friday night is always movie night - a lot of times we just watch a movie we already have, but we decided to search Netlix for an animal movie.  We decided on Beethoven!  I remembered that movie from when I was little and I think I liked it?  Anyway, Gallie really liked the beginning when they get the puppy and so on, but once the meanie dog catcher guys came on she decided she'd seen enough!  This was only about 30 minutes in, so we watched a couple episodes of Horseland instead!  Horseland is her new absolute favorite show ever - all she does is talk about it now and her love for horses has returned :)

On Saturday we played Horseland for most of the morning while Caleb attended a "cupping."  He is such a complete and total coffee snob that he has to go and sit around with other coffee snobs and sip gross coffee and talk about the blueberry, or pineapple, or pear subtleties in every sip - gag me!  Sorry Caleb :)  I really hate all coffee/tea so I guess I just don't understand.

Caleb is actually working on a coffee documentary right now, so he kinda had to go to this one.  But he does say stuff like "pineapple subtleties"!!!

We decided to go out to dinner Saturday night and Gallie asked to go to Pepper Sisters.  Neither Caleb or I are impressed with that restaurant, but we did say she could pick.  She doesn't really even like their food either, but she likes the fun games they have on the table for kids - Yes, we do let our 4 year old persuade us to go to a restaurant we don't really like because she likes the toys :)

We had an open house at our condo all afternoon Sunday, and it was raining, so we just ran a few errands to pass time.  We've had a little interest, but we really want to sell it in the next few weeks so we lowered the price and that has sparked more interest.  Caleb has to set up for a shoot in the evening so Gallie and I made a picnic dinner and ate it on a blanket on the living room floor!  We had all the best picnic food - homemade hummus, strawberries, yogurt, carrot sticks, crackers, hard boiled eggs, and apple juice :)  A fun little outing and we didn't even have to get wet!

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  1. I have never said 'pineapple subtleties', but to be fair, I have said much more dorky I guess it works.