Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Another Daddy Wednesday + Updates

Caleb is home with Gallie this afternoon - he sent me this photo of her on her old rocking horse so this tells me they are digging into stuff in storage and I'll probably come home to a mess :)  Oh well, she looks like she's having fun!  I also heard they went to the library and she got to watch one of the movies she checked out - definitely getting spoiled today!

I have a couple updates - the house, and more importantly, the b-day party!

We are in full birthday party mode at our house!  The treat bags are packed, homemade decorations are made and hung, presents are wrapped, sprinkles for pancakes are in little dishes, milk jars are ready to be filled, and pajamas are picked out.  I'll post pictures of everything after the party on Saturday - we are very excited!  Actually, I'm a little nervous to have 11 four & five year olds to entertain for 2 hours...


The house is coming along.  The foundation is done and they started framing last Monday.  Here are a few of the things we are excited about and a couple of the little things we are doing to make it our dream home :)

Apron (or farmhouse) Sink - I've always loved these sinks.

Open Shelving - we will have about 1/2 of our cupboards in open shelving.  I'm excited about this because I really love a lot of our dishes and now I can display them!  Plus easy access :)

Chevron Tile - we chose this for the mud room just because it will look cool and different.

Free Standing Soak Tub - an alternative to a swimming pool for Gallie :)

A Kitchen Aid Dishwasher - I will be so happy to not have to scrub the dishes sparkling clean before we put them in the dishwasher.

Sea Glass Pendants - for the kitchen.  I just think these are so cool and beachy!

Beach Rope - to hand the lights in the entry way and dining room.

Chalkboard Pantry Door - for grocery lists and cute Gallie drawings :)

Vintage Glass Doorknobs - just because I like them.

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