Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The birthday parties continue!

 Today after school we went to Gallie's friend Liam's b-day party!  She's been pretty excited about this one - she felt special because Liam only invited 2 girls and she was one of them :)  She had a great time at the party - I've actually never seen her so outgoing.  She didn't even say a word to me the entire time - she was running, screaming, playing superheros (?!), and acting crazy with the rest of them!  Some of the older sisters were there and they were playing boys against girls!  Oh, and there was also a magic show!

It's always a challenge for us to pick out boy presents because we have so many girls in the family - Gallie was safe and chose a Spiderman figure, a Starwars thing, and another thing that I honestly don't even know what it was :)

This is our signature gift wrapping (well, either this or a brown paper sack!) - a recycled gift bag that we've received from someone else with homemade "tissue paper."  Just tear pages out of magazines in your recycle pile, fold like a fan (long ways), and cut into strips!  Super easy and I think it looks cute.  You really don't need that many either to fill the rest of the bag and hide the gift.  And it's free!

P.S. Gallie's birthday party is only about a month away!  We've already started planning and I'll share some of that soon!

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