Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Birthday Details

Callie's party is a little over three weeks away, so that means it's time to start planning!  This year she decided on a pancake pajama party :)  The kids will show up at lunchtime in their pj's and we will stuff them full of pancakes with every kind of sugary topping imaginable!  Just kidding (kind of) - I really try to keep sweets to a minimum, but it is a party after all :)  We picked out some cool sprinkles and we'll also have maple syrup and different fruits & berries.

Here are the invitations that we finished last night.  I found the template on Pinterest and think they are so cute!  I just printed them out on some sparkly card stock (even the envelopes!) I had at work and them cut them out by hand.  Gallie wrote the name of her friends on the invitation and I filled in the rest.  Then we used some ribbon tape I've had for ages to seal the envelope.  Free, free, & free!  Cute, cute, & cute!

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