Sunday, February 5, 2012

Over the weekend...

The weather in B'ham was BEAUTIFUL this weekend!  It was so sunny and 55 degrees both days!  On Saturday we did some morning errands and then spent the afternoon outside biking and playing in the sandbox.

Our membership for the Everett Children's Museum expires in a few days, so we decided to make use of it one last time.  And since none of us are remotely interested in the Super Bowl, we thought Sunday would be a great day.  They have a huge and amazing outdoor play area on the roof top - so knowing it was going to be sunny was another reason to go!  We think the ECM is the best one around and would renew the membership but we are trying to save money :)

This time was probably the most fun we've had there... Gallie was in a really good mood and had a lot of energy.  We all agreed that playing outside was our favorite part of the day!

Like father, like daughter :)

We really worked up an appetite!

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