Sunday, September 11, 2011

Farm Tour

Saturday was the annual Whatcom County Farm Tour.  There are about 15 different farms that participate and you just choose the ones you want to visit.  They give tours, FOOD SAMPLES (my fav!!!  don't plan on eating lunch because there is so much free food!), and have fun activities for kids.  If you live in or near Bellingham I would definitely recommend this event.  It was probably one of the funnest things we've done this summer.  We had four stops planned, but only made it to three (foregoing the winery) because we were all so hot and exhausted... but in a good way.

Farm 1:  Bellewood Acres

Bellewood Acres is an apple farm.  They had THE BEST samples of sparkling apple cider, french blue cheese on apples, caramel apple dip, hand roasted peanut butter on apples, apple spice donuts (Gallie's absolute fav. of the day!), and a tasting of their different variety of apples.  They had a tour of the farm on an apple bin train - Gallie really loved this!  Can't wait for the honeycrisp apples that will be ready soon!  Parents can actually bring their kids here anytime and they give you a golf cart to drive around on a self guided tour and you can also do some u-picking :)  They also have a pumpkin patch in the fall.

Grandpa Mike joined us for the day :)  Don't they make a cute couple sitting in that little apple bin!!!  (haha)

Farm 2:  Edelweiss Dairy

The dairy was a lot of fun too - Gallie now says her favorite animals are cows :)  Edelweiss is part of the Organic Valley Coop, so they had free Organic Valley milk and cheese samples - really good milk!  Gallie also got a coloring book, stickers, a magnet, a tattoo, and a milk coupon for me!


Farm 3:  Boxx Berry Farm

Boxx Berry Farm focuses on berries, but they also grow about everything else.  Here they had free local ice cream sundays topped with their strawberries and fresh roasted corn on the cob.  I could have ate about 10 of them - they were soooooo good!  They also had a tractor trailer ride out to a park area where they had activities for the kids, including a little train ride.  Gallie thought it was pretty cool :)

After we got home the guys decided to go play a round of golf, so us girls had dinner (with Libby and Lily!) and relaxed the rest of the evening.  What a great day!!!

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