Thursday, September 29, 2011


Last weekend on our way back from Tri-Cities we stopped at a giant fruit stand.  I got a huge box of peaches and some squash - LOVE squash!  It's probably my favorite vegetable... except for peas :)  I love peas in everything!

Tonight I used some of the peaches to make a salsa to go on top of my cod - it was very good.  Gallie even asked for seconds tonight - yay progress!  I also made butternut squash which gallie didn't care for so she had cucumber slices.  She did like spaghetti squash though... I made it with tomato sauce and used the squash as the noodles.  She asked if we could have it for breakfast the next morning - haha.

We have a busy weekend ahead.  Caleb has been in Washington D.C. all week and will be home on Sunday.  Gallie and I will be attending birthday parties, swimming, and having movie nights!

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