Sunday, September 25, 2011

Over the weekend...

On Friday night we packed up and headed east to Richland, Washington with Caleb's family (Diane, Cana, Jordan & Jaclyn) to visit his grandparents.  We had a nice drive over and even stopped to enjoy the view of the sagebrush since this is my old stomping grounds :)

We got to our hotel at around 9:00 and pretty much went to bed - we were exhausted.  On Saturday morning we met up with Caleb's Grandpa Chuck and we went to visit his Grandma Betty for awhile.  She was very quiet, but really perked up when she saw Jaclyn's engagement ring!  She is looking forward to their wedding in May :)

Four generations.

We had a nice visit and spent the rest of the day going to the park, to lunch, the mall, and out to dinner by the river.  It was like 90 degrees on Saturday and stayed warm into the evening.  After dinner we went for a nice long swim and then watched some tv in our room... and we may have had some ice cream :)

Here is Gallie right before bed with a gift from Grandpa Chuck!

We had a nice drive back as well and made it home in time for dinner.  Thanks to Diane and Caleb's grandpa for an fun weekend!  We are very happy to have seen Caleb's grandma and I think it really meant a lot to her to see all of us.

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