Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shhhh! Don't tell Callie!

For Callie's birthday party, we gave her a rupunzel t-shirt and a princess Leapster game. But for her real birthday this weekend, here is what we have for her... just don't tell!

A GUITAR! She's been wanting a sparkle guitar because that's what Taylor Swift plays :) We think she's a little too young for lessons, but maybe when she's 5 or 6? Caleb can teach her a little bit for now.

And of course, TS picks!

This Rapunzel Tower was kind of a spur of the moment b-day gift, but I know she will love it and play with it all the time :)

I can't wait for her to open everything! We are having a dinner at my mom's on Sunday to Celebrate. Since Caleb is in NYC, Saturday is going to be a girl's day!

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