Thursday, March 10, 2011

All around town...

First stop: Construction site. Got tired from all the back-breaking labor, so decided to build a bed of bricks for a rest.

Hopped on a plane to beat traffic out of town to the farm. "Can somebody get me some more peanuts!!!"

Milked some cows, gathered eggs, fed some pigs, and herded cattle.

Wanted to break for a home cooked lunch, but duty calls!!!

Afternoon began with a trip to the ferry terminal to make sure the waterways were in tact.

Got a bit drenched, so had to quickly dry off in time for the big show! On stage was Taylor Swift and Kai Lan - the performance of a lifetime!

The night ended with a quick stop at the animal shelter to free the caged deer.

Just a typical day in the life of two little girls :)

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