Sunday, March 20, 2011

Over the weekend...

On Saturday Caleb was in Seattle golfing (yawn!) with his brothers, so Gallie and I had a girls day! We had strawberry oatmeal for breakfast, played a TON, she helped me clean the house, we walked to the park and played soccer, went to the library, made a very delish dinner, and went for an evening walk. The walk was the BEST part of the day - walking after dinner is one of my favorite things ever. It just makes the day end so peacefully.

On Sunday we had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast. After that Caleb took Gallie out to run a few errands while I did some more cleaning.

We went to my mom's house for a late St. Patrick's dinner - corned beef and cabbage - So, so delicious! Lily and Callie spend the night for a sleepover (sleepover meaning treats, popcorn, and movies!) so Caleb and I went to the casino! Kind of funny... I always talk about going but we rarely do. A couple years ago we went and I won $400 and always feel like I'm going to win again. We've went back a couple times and haven't won a thing! It makes me so mad that I swear we'll never go again. But about six months later, I kinda want to go again. Tonight was one of those nights. No winnings = I hate casinos!

Even with the loss of my lunch money this week (only $20, but still!!!), it was a really great weekend. We had sunshine and I got to spend it outside with Gallie!

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