Monday, March 28, 2011

Over the weekend...

On Friday I got off work at noon and it was so nice! It ended up feeling like a Saturday. Gallie and I ate lunch and then went to a toy store I heard about in the basement of a local outdoors shop... I guess it's been there forever. It was hug and we were there for a really long time! Gal was spoiled and got a new Calico Critters family - the yellow lab family. She played with them all weekend long, so it was worth it :) Caleb left that afternoon for a weekend long "team building" trip to Whistler with his work... snowboarding, drinking wine, eating good food... he has a really bad job if you couldn't tell :) I actually ended up making Gal and I a really good dinner, then we went for our evening walk. Gallie can walk the entire loop around our neighborhood now, which is really great exercise for her.

Notice the bangs!!! I cut them myself this time... not perfect, but I think they look cute and it saved me 10 bucks!

On Saturday Libby and I surprised the girls with a trip to this jungle funzone playland place. It was insane! Kids are so crazy! Gallie is so mellow compared to 99% of them! But the two girls really had a lot of fun. I swear they grease the slides there - Libby and Lily went down a tunnel slide and shot out so fast that Lily went flying to the right and Libby nearly broker her tailbone! (I will post a couple pictures soon) After the crazy jungle, we went to the park for a picnic lunch. My grandma and aunt are in town from Hermiston, so we went to my mom's for a fish and chip dinner - it was SO GOOD! Complete with cold slaw, asparagus, and special sauce - it really was the best and freshest tasting meal I've had in months! Gal and I ended up staying the night at Libby's for a sleepover. Sunday was very relaxing - the rain was back, but we didn't mind.

A few random things:

When Caleb was in NY the last time, he was working on a commercial for Vital Choice. He came home the other day with a bunch of stuff. We had the cioppino with cod and salmon last night and it was really good.

We've been making a lot of juice lately and I've been making muffins out of the leftover pulp. I don't mean to brag... but they are really good!

Caleb's company was up for a TV/Media award for best PSA (public service announcement) and they won first place - Congrats HCF!

Ok, that's all.

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  1. Great idea for keeping Callie busy. Another hit from kinder classes where I've taught...Stir up a big container with all kinds of noodle shapes. Kids love to sort them, etc.

    Congrats to Caleb and his team. The creativity just oozes from his body!