Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Molly's Wishlist

This is my first guest post! Molly gave me the short version of her wishlist for spring - the original was like 20 items long! Now that's just greedy! haha.... I'll have to admit, though, it is a good list... with a couple exceptions :) So here it is:

Racks full of vintage clothes.

To host a beautiful outdoor dinner party.

This living room.

A dog.

Lots and lots of old books (not to read, of course... to decorate with!)

This fanny pack, because they are definitely coming back!

A sleepover with my two favorite girls.

This bathroom.

This kitchen.

See what I mean - she practically wants a whole house! That being said, I would take a house that looks like that too :)
Thanks Meast!

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