Friday, March 18, 2011

Parenting Tip

When Callie was little it was always a struggle to get dinner ready without her crying and trying to climb up my leg the entire time. I discovered a little trick to hold her attention for 30 minutes so I could actually prepare a decent meal: A bowl of rice. I've been doing this since before she was one (she has never been one to put anything in her mouth so that wasn't a worry). And it still works now on days she is a little cranky around dinner time. She pretends it is a sandbox or the beach for her little toys and I can hardly pull her away from it when dinner is on the table. One suggestion though is to do it IN the kitchen cause it can get a little messy!

In other developments, Gallie has added a new veggie to her approval list: Asparagus! She doesn't really like many cooked veggies so I just blanched these so they were still crunchy, but not completely raw. She ate it with ranch, of course, but whatever it takes!

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