Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today Callie and I finally made it down to the zoo - I love having Wednesdays off - it wasn't crowded at all! And the weather was perfect! All the animals were out and we got a close up look at everything - we had a great time!

We made it home around 4:00 - we had a nice summer dinner (wish we could eat outside, but our patio is SO hot in the evenings!) - White fish with black bean and corn relish (for me and Caleb), corn on the cob (rolled in butter for Gallie), sliced cucumber, and pasta salad. When Gallie finishes all her dinner, we allow her to eat more out of the pot - she thinks it's funny :)

After dinner we went for a bike ride, had bath time, then went for a drive. It was an all-around good day!

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