Thursday, July 8, 2010

We LOVE Picnics!

We usually really love picnics, but tonight was HOT! We started in the shade but the sun moved to fast. We had hummus/turkey/spinach (and feta for me!) wraps, carrot sticks, colby jack cheese cubes, kiwi, kalamata olives (for me, of course!), sunchips, and ICE COLD WATER!!!

Off to the playground! We discovered that Gallie can climb this "mountain to Pride Rock" all by herself now! She was very far from this last summer, so it was exciting.

She can also climp up the slide :)

"Sweet Smile" "Big Smile"

I only have to work until noon tomorrow, so we are either going to the library, the children's museum, or the pool... I have some big decision making to do tonight!

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