Saturday, July 17, 2010

Garage Sale

Yesterday started with an early daddy breakfast at "Pankcake's House" (AKA IHOP). I was at work, but they did stop in to say hi! By the way... this is where we usually go to dinner every 3rd week when it's Callie's turn to pick where we eat - we finally got her to switch it up the other weekend by telling her Red Robin was called Red Robin Hood :)

Callie, Molly, and I stayed the night at my mom & dad's to get ready for the garage sale. After stuffing ourselves with BBQ ribs, we worked outside setting up the sale until dark. I was pretty tired to begin with from going into work early, but for some reason Molly and I decided we had to finish this puzzle (Gallie had started it earlier) and stayed up well passed midnight until it was done.

Today was the garage sale - Callie had a little bake sale to earn money for a Cinderella toy she has been wanting. She had a nice variety of cookies, granola, fruit leathers, licorice, gogurt, grapes, and juice.

She made enough money! We will be going to Target tomorrow to make the purchase!!!
Work'n the sale.It was fairly warm, so Callie and I skipped out on the last few hours and went down the street to the water park. We went on the kiddie slides a few times, but spent most of the time on the Snake, Corkscrew, and other big slides. (The girl loves rides!) We had a really, really fun time!

After we got home and bathed it was already kind of late, so we thought why not pull out the couch and watch a movie? This is what Callie thought of that idea!

Caleb got home just in time! And this is what he thought of watching 101 Dalmations over a French Noir film or whatever those snobby movie people watch!

One last thing... we bought a carton of eggs today and this is what we found when we opened it.

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