Sunday, July 25, 2010

Over the weekend...

Friday night started with dinner at Red Robin Hood!
After dinner we had some friends over for puzzle night. You would think 6 adults could get more than this done in 3 hours! Gallie got to stay up late and watch a movie on the couch. We all had a really good time.
Don't worry, Caleb and I finished it. We stayed up late all weekend working on it and watching season 1 of Mad Men. Pretty good so far...
Saturday moring we were rushed out of the house by 10:00 to go blueberry picking (we didn't get up until after 9:00 so don't feel too bad for us!). We picked another 11 lbs!
After that we went home, packed a lunch, and dropped Callie off at college orientation.
Just kidding! We decided to picnic at Western and show her around our old "big school." It was actually really fun and there was a lot to do and see for a 3 year old.Sunday was kind of a lazy day... slept in, did some playing, ate some lunch. Caleb had to work for a couple hours, so Callie and I went to Molly's for the afternoon and walked around her neighborhood and stopped for a treat. Cody showed up for awhile too.
Another really good weekend! Caleb has a guys weekend planned for next weekend so I need to think of something really good for me and Gallie to do to make him jealous!
By the way... my mom went to her 40th class reunion this weekend! Molly and I got her a new outfit to wear - looks pretty good, doesn't it?!!!

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