Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Callie still wasn't feeling that great this morning (and neither were we after getting home so late last night), so we didn't do much.

Some highlights:
Callie is OBSESSED with puzzles right now. She is way past the wooden kid puzzles and even the 24 piece box puzzles. She can do 100 pieces by herself and 150 pieces (below) if we group the pieces for her. We've also changed family game night to family puzzle night and have been doing larger ones together. Last week we did The Little Mermaid, but Callie woke up screaming that Ursula wrapped her octopus legs around her... won't be doing that one again for awhile :)

I don't have a MM shirt - poor me.

We went grocery shopping and thought we would spend a few bucks at the firework stand... I haven't bought any since I lived in Hermiston where they were like 10 cents each or something - not anymore! We did get a nice selection of little kid fireworks and put on an early show behind our house. Sparklers, party poppers, pop-itz, flowers, groundhogs, and a spinning panda for the grand finale!

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