Sunday, July 11, 2010

Over the weekend...

Our weekend didn't turn out exactly as we planned...

Saturday we had a mandatory day of going through all our old stuff at my mom's house to get ready for her garage sale. She said it would take 2 hours... it took 6! We were suppose to go to Seattle for the evening and go to the zoo Sunday, but it got kind of late so we decided to leave early the next morning.

We got a lot of laughs out of the stuff that we had "treasured" when we packed it up 10 years ago. Libby had at least 6 giant boxes of stuffed animals!!! Talk about a child hoarder! Callie scored a bunch of our old toys - the highlight was Libby's old Kitchen Littles! She also got her own VSH copy of Lion King 2 and a giant Lion King book!

I was able to score a really nice cake dome from my dad (large one on the white stand). I kind of have a recent obsession with cake plates...

On Sunday morning Callie threw up so we canced our zoo trip. She did feel completely better by mid morning though, so it thankfully wasn't the flu or anything. We were thinking about going to the waterpark in the afternoon, but the weather wasn't that great so we picked berries instead. We had a nice dinner of grilled garden burgers loaded with veggies (Caleb actually loves them... I didn't force him to eat them!), ramen salad, and Annie's mac & cheese for Gallie :)

Although we didn't get out too much, it was a nice weekend.

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