Sunday, October 23, 2011

Over the weekend...

We had one busy day and one lazy day - perfect!  On Saturday Gallie and I drove down to Seattle for one of her little friend's (Ady) birthday party.  Caleb had to work so it was just a girl's day!  Ady's parents are also our friends so we always make a day of it when we go down.  We left around 9 am and got home around 9 pm :)  Gallie had so much fun with all of the girls - I love to see that!

On Sunday we had a leisurely breakfast, did some playing, did some laundry, ate some lunch, walked to the park, ran (well, drove) to the market, enjoyed chicken curry for dinner, and had a glow in the dark bath.  Pretty nice Sunday.


When I got home from the store I caught Gallie watching music videos (TS of course) on Caleb's phone - headphones and all!

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