Sunday, October 2, 2011

Over the weekend...

On Saturday Gallie went to her friend Ben's birthday party at Jump Around Fun Zone - she had a blast running (jumping) around with all of her friends, eating pizza, and giving him a dinosaur present!

We really didn't do much else on Saturday - it was pretty dreary, but we did go for a quick walk when we saw a break in the rain.  And we watched The little Mermaid for movie night :)

On Sunday we went to my grandma's birthday dinner at my mom's for taco night!  She also made a fresh peach pie and a fresh apple pie - I ate a slice of peach, which was completely gluttonous considering how many tacos I ate.  I'm still paying for it - but it was worth it!

Another school week starts tomorrow - we have the skort, blouse, and tights laid out and I have turkey bacon in the fridge for breakfast :)

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