Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"He Does, She Does"

A graphic novel, based on a true story.

She bathes the kids.

He listens to music and looks at Facebook.

She sweeps the floor and sings funny songs to the baby to keep her from crying.

He watches TV on the couch.

She does the laundry and irons his shirts while making funny noises to entertain the baby.

He surfs the net and watches TV shows on Netflix.

She feeds the baby a healthy, nutritious, delicious meal.

He eats a delicious meal on the couch (cooked and served by her).

She reads the baby a story and puts her to bed.

He watches yet more TV!

She puts the other kids to bed and sings them a song goodnight.

He surfs yet more of the net while in the bathroom (she finds this very disgusting!).

She feeds the dog.

He plays with the dog while watching EVEN MORE TV!!!

She gets up at the crack of dawn to get the kids ready and drive them to school.

He sleeps.

The End.  Well, not really the end because it will all happen again tomorrow :)

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