Sunday, October 9, 2011

Over the weekend...

We had pretty great weather this weekend for October!  On Saturday we took advantage of it and went to the pumpkin patch!  I'll post pictures later this week (I forgot my camera so need to get them from Libby!)  That afternoon Gallie also had her flu shot :(  It wasn't pretty, but she did better than expected so was surprised with a Jasmine polly pocket - Jasmine is her new favorite princess by the way :)

On Sunday we went to church then spent a lot of the afternoon outside - we played with sidewalk chalk, took a nature walk to the park, collected leaves to press, played hopscotch, and carved our pumpkin!!!  Photos about that will also be later this week.

The chiuaua's name is Brown Sugar.

Notice my new pixie cut??? Molly did it for me Friday night.  She did a very good job on the cut... I was just a little in shock at first.  I've had my hair short, but not this short.  Gallie said it looked like a boy haircut - haha - at least she's honest!  I'm getting more use to it though and will continue to go to Meast as my new stylist!  If anyone else wants her to do their hair she is on the floor everyday at Toni & Guy beauty school on Railroad.  And it's so cheap!

Gallie wanted me to get a picture of her hair blowing in the wind - she sure loves her long hair :)

I'm going to try to go to bed early tonight... but Netflix just added a new season of 30 Rock so I can't guarantee it!

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  1. I like the pixie, it's super flattering! But I know hair shock takes a while to get over...