Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple Farm

Today was a really nice day - sunny and warm.  Most weekends we go out and do some kind of food sampling.  It's a cheap outing and fun to try different local foods - kind of like a version of wine tasting when you have kids :)  Today we started out at Appel Farms for cheese - Gallie loves the "squeaky cheese," Caleb loves the gouda, and I love the feta!  We tasted a little of everything but came home with Greek olive feta and smoked gouda.

Next we stopped by Bellwood Acres to get some apples.  We tasted a few different varieties, along with sparkling cider, and apple spice donuts!  We came home with some of the bubbly, a spaghetti squash, and a bag of honeycrisps!

We spent the afternoon snapping some family photos and went to dinner with our friends Chris & Julie.  Hope tomorrow is just as nice!  We have baby shower #2 to attend!

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