Saturday, June 18, 2011

The weekend, so far.

Gallie had her first day with Quinn on Friday and HAD A BLAST!!! She practically pushed us out the door to work! They did a lot of playing (which we told Quinn that loving to play was a prequalification!) and a ton of coloring. We colored a good portion of the day on Saturday too :) I think learning that she can color in the lines has been mesmerizing to her because that's all she wants to do - which is fine with me because I love coloring too!

This morning we surprised Caleb with an early Father's Day gift... STARBUCKS!!! I knew he would be getting a coffee when we went out and it pained me to spend money when I knew I already bought the card :)

Our one main thing to do today was get Gallie's haircut (we also had other outdoor plans, but the rain ruined that). Stephanie did a great job as usual! I had her cut mine the other day and she really does a great job for not even being out of beauty school!

If anyone hasn't heard... Molly is leaving our work (we both work at Anvil) to go to beauty school next month. She's pretty excited and I think she will be really good at it! I just hope somedays she will meet up during lunch to go to the taco wagon :)

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