Sunday, June 26, 2011



Gallie and I woke up early (way too early!) to make the b-day cake. I frosted it, but she completely decorated it herself :)

Mmmm... Woody wants a piece!

We woke Caleb up a little less early, but still too early for him - see first picture above :) He then make his own b-day breakfast of crepes cause I haven't quite mastered them yet. They were really good!

After breakfast we went berry picking!

After that, we came home for lunch and watched Cars 1 because we had a date to see... Cars 2!!!

Cana and Grandma D'j went to the movie and then came back to our house for dinner - I made fish tacos, as requested by Caleb. And then we cut the cake! (Just 3 candles instead of 30)

I think Caleb had a really good birthday - we were originally going to go on a little trip, but decided just to stay home and have a mellow day - it was really nice. I only have a month before I turn 30 so I better enjoy it!!!


A few other things that happened this weekend:

A sleepout on the pullout couch! And Gallie's new Sarah dino that Meast found at Goodwill! If I haven't mentioned it, Gallie is obsessed with The Land Before Time movies :) She hasn't put that toy down all weekend!

Gram Jennie made me this blanket - I really love how it turned out. I saw something similar on another blog and asked her if she could copy it - she had it down in a couple days! Thanks Gram!

And I made jam... which was a bust :( It tastes pretty good, but it just didn't set. It's more like a strawberry sauce. I got a few pointers from my mom so I'm going to try it again. If anyone wants a jar of sauce, just let me know :)

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