Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Play Date

Today was my first Wednesday off of the summer! Callie had a play date with two of her friends from school, Emmy and Ben. She was very shy at first, but by the end of it all three of them were running around and tearing the house apart! We will be hosting in 2 weeks... better prepare!
In other VERY EXCITING news... Libby is having a BOY!!! I guess it's time to start shopping... or else that little boy will be dressed in girly jammies and playing with Polly Pockets :) I have a couple ideas for shower gifts, but Gallie, of course, wants to get the baby "boy toys."

One more thing - last summer we made a list of things we wanted to do during the summer on the bathtub wall with bath crayons. We decided to do the same thing again this summer, so last night we created our summer fun list! I couldn't get a decent picture int he bathroom, so here is our list:

-see real dinosaur bones (#1 on her list... not sure if we'll be able to pull this one off)
-pick berries
-go swimming
-horse back riding
-ballet camp
-go to big park in Lynden
-children's museum
-fly a kite
-the fair
-stay up really late and eat treats!
-play date (done)
-walk from Boulevard Park to Fairhaven for Katie's Cupcakes
-to to Red Robin Hood (done)
-see Cars 2
-family bike ride (done)
-sleepover with Lily
-practice for 5 year old soccer
-go to the library (done)
-camping (real camping)

Last year we did everything on our list, so we'll see what happens this summer!!! If I remember I will repost this in a couple months with our progress :)

Back to work tomorrow :(

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  1. I think the Burke Museum @ UW has real dinosaur fossils