Sunday, June 12, 2011

Over the weekend...

Molly kindly called in sick to work on Friday because we needed her to watch Callie. Thanks to everyone who has been helping out with babysitting during the school/summer transition - Molly, my mom, Libby, and Grandma D'j! Anyway, Molly is a very good seamstress and Gallie wants to learn to sew, so they had their first lesson. Molly brought her sewing machine over and Gallie picked out the fabrics and sat on her lap to do the sewing. They made this dress for Rapunzel Taylor Swift - she's pretty stylish! From what I hear, and saw, Gallie was very spoiled that day :)

On Friday night there was a dance party... I recently burned Gallie a copy of the Tangled Soundrack and this is her perfoming the "I have a dream" song. She really gets into it :) I made one for Lily too and I hear she can't get enough of it either. I've had that darned song in my head for 48 hours and it won't stop!!!

On Saturday morning we did some errands and walked around the farmer's market for a bit. Also made a stop by Great Harvest (yum!). Gallie had $5 of her own money and spent it on these two little guys. A baby artic fox named flower and a baby cheetah named Callie :)

The rest of the afternoon was spend cleaning out our storage closet :( It was actually kind of fun - Gallie got to see some of our old things, including some of our wedding stuff.

I gave her the headpiece I wore... she loves it. I also gave her the bouquet and veil from my wedding shower to play pretend wedding (see me above - haha).

Just a couple cute pictures from lunch on Saturday.

On Sunday morning I actually got to sleep in! Gallie slept in until 8:30 and I couldn't believe it! Caleb was up pretty early though - he had to go to Seattle for the SIFF awards banquet at the Space Needle. Gallie and I visited and had lunch with our new nanny who will watch her a couple days a week - we really like her and Gallie's excited. We went up to my mom's for a BBQ rib feast in the evening. And the house is clean so we get to watch a movie tonight! Boy I can't wait until my 3 days a week schedule starts - these weekends are WAY too short!

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