Thursday, June 30, 2011

30 things...

A list of 30 things I want to do when I'm 30.

1. spend more time with gallie!
2. get a pedicure once a month
3. learn to knit and embroider
4. clean on weekdays, relax on weekends
5. be more thankful
6. eat only real food
7. watch less tv
8. worry less, guilt less
9. spend more time outside
10. organize photos
11. get rid of 20% of the "stuff" in our house, and buy less "stuff"
12. do volunteer work with gallie
13. go on a trip with just caleb and I
14. work with gallie to master bike riding
15. perfect jam making, try canning veggies, and bake more
16. change my last name to young
17. renew my passport (and get gallie one)
18. start a new blog about healthy eating for kids
19. get more sleep
20. give up soda (this will be hard)
21. grow out my hair
22. have more people over for meals
23. wear matching outfits with gallie :)
24. help gallie with starting to learn to read
25. go to a playground every nice day we can
26. lose 1 pant size (I'm 2 sizes higher than before gallie, but I'll settle for losing 1)
27. take advantage of nice evenings
28. try biking to work (it's not far, but seems scary)
29. try wearing red lipstick
30. move from our condo to a house

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