Monday, January 2, 2012

Our beach house.

This is where our new house is going to be!  We are actually moving to Birch Bay (a little beach town 20 min. north of Bellingham).  At first we didn't really consider this area because of the drive... but, the more we thought about living close to the beach and in a more peaceful area we loved it.  We are only about a 5 minute walk from the beach and a state park - you can see the water from our property if you squint, stand on your toes, and look really hard through the trees :)  We both work in town and will have to drive in everyday anyway so we will still send Gallie to the same school.  We hope to move by the end of April!

I really won't talk about every little update on the house, but I will try to post progress about once a month :)

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  1. How exciting! Congratulations! Looking forward to updates!