Monday, January 9, 2012

Over the weekend (and some photos)...

We didn't do a whole heck of a lot!  I didn't feel well Sunday and actually took a little nap midday, which I never do!

Saturday night we did go over to our friends the Harrell's for a delish dinner - Julie is a really good cook and hostess.  Plus they have three girls that Callie loves playing with!

And speaking of Julie, she is also a very talented photographer.  She snapped a few photos of us later in the fall and I'm just finally getting around to sharing them.  You can see her work on her website:  I have always been impressed with her and am so happy to have some wonderful pictures of Callie!  And speaking of Callie... she cried for about 99 percent of the time we were outside!  It was freezing out and I did make her wear a summer dress... so I guess it wasn't completely unjustified :)

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