Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas vacation excitement continues..

I had a coupon for both the aquatic center and the pottery painting place so I let Gallie pick which she would like to do for our "special date" (she picked the movies for her and Caleb's date).  She quickly picked pottery painting so that's what we did!  She chose to paint a little puppy figure and I chose a tiny seashell dish.  The story of her puppy is that he got into the paint shed and made a mess :)

Tomorrow night is New Year's Eve... we had a fancy family dinner planned for just the three of us, but Caleb had to unexpectedly go out of town tonight.  So it will just be us girls - we have a bottle of sparkling apple cider and are ready to party!

2011 has really been a great year - best of all, we got to spend it with our sweet Gallie.  She told me today she doesn't care what we ever do as long as it's together and I feel the exact same way.  She turns 5 in just a couple months and I can't believe it!  We love her so much!

2011 has welcomed two new sweet baby cousins.  Gallie really loves each of her cousins so much - she has four now!

2011, well today actually, is when we signed the final papers for our new house!  We love our condo, but we are so excited to have a bit more space and a yard to play in.  We are having it built and construction should start in a couple weeks!

2012 has each day to look forward to.


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