Sunday, December 4, 2011

Over the weekend...

Saturday was a very busy day!  We got up bright and early to be the first in line to see Santa!  Gallie wrote him a letter the day before and asked for "one hundred and one stuffed animals" - like I've mentioned before, she has a slight obsession with stuffed animals!  On the front of the envelope I asked her to try and write Santa by sounding it out herself and she did a pretty good job :)

After Santa, we went home to get ready for yet another birthday party (we've been to 3 in the past month!) at noon.  It was for Emmy - Gallie's bff at school.  She got her Shrinky Dinks and Littlest Petshop.

We got home around 2:30 and Gallie begged to do the gingerbread house project that we had planned on doing Sunday... I'm flexible :)  We did the same one as last year - Trader Joe's - which is really the best one I've made.

That evening we went to a Christmas party for one of Caleb's biggest clients, Vital Choice.  It was so much fun and the food was AMAZING!!!  Vital Choice is a seafood company, so of course that was on the menu.  Here is what we had (and Caleb and I both agree it was one of the top 5 meals we've ever had):

H'orderves - hand salad w/ prawns (Vital Choice), grapefruit, and pomegranate; cream of mushroom cappuccino shots; baked crisp bread w/ prosciutto; open bar (I opted for the blackberry/plum spritzer which was perfect).

Salad (Course 1) - mixed greens w/ candied pecans, prosciutto, pears, blue cheese, vinaigrette.

Course 2 - baked bread w/ potato and pancetta accompanied by mint pesto (very mild and tasty).

Course 3 - baked golden and red beets w/ poached cranberries.

Main Course - baked squash (not sure the variety?) stuffed with forbidden rice and topped with black cod (Vital Choice).  This was so good I can't even describe it!

Dessert - eggnog mousse w/ a variety of fancy cookies on the side + coffee.  I devoured the mousse and tried one bite of each cookie... that's all I could do.

I really ate a lot of food, but it was over the course of 4 hours so I think that's why I kept going :)  It was a great night out.  And thank you to Cody for babysitting!

Sunday was a different story... the only times we left the house were to go for a walk and go look at Christmas lights after Gallie was in her PJ's!

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