Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Little Lamb

Today was Gallie's Christmas program and she played the part of the lamb!  She was so excited - she originally had the part of Mary, but her teacher told me she was so disappointed to not be the lamb that she decided to change it - we are proud of her no matter which part she plays :)  It was a very cute program and Gallie is so happy to be on Christmas vacation!

Singing Christmas songs!

A special gift she made for us :)

We've still been busy baking and making!  Yesterday Gallie helped me make Russian Tea Cakes and Mock Almond Roca - both my favorite holiday treats!

This is her favorite cooking spot!

And today Gallie made all natural bath fizzies to give to her friends.  They turned out great and were super easy!  We just used rubber ice cube trays as molds.

Tomorrow we are heading to Seattle to deliver some of these treats we've been working so hard on all week!  We are getting together with some friends and then some of Caleb's family that we won't see for Christmas.  I can't believe it's only about a week away!

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  1. It's probably better she played the lamb instead...I played Mary in my pre-school's Christmas program and look how I turned out! ;-)