Thursday, June 28, 2012

A few things...

Brittany PJ's!!!  My mom got these for Gallie the other day at a garage sale and she has wore them every night since!  She says the squirrel is Brittany from Alvin & the Chipmunks (her favorite movies right now).

Hula girl!  Gallie got this hula hoop with her farm market money (along with some strawberries and some beets - she had to use some of it for food!)  She's been practicing a lot and can get it around about three times!  We've also been working on jump roping, but I think that one will take a little longer to perfect :)

Peanut butter play dough!  We made this right before the move and I never posted it.  I got the recipe somewhere online.  It was really easy to make and tasted VERY good, but it dried out pretty quickly.  A fun project nonetheless.

Mini books!  This was another project that Gallie was obsessed with before we moved.  I think we made over 100 of these little books.  I was running out of ideas, but they just kept coming from her!

We did a serious of them with finger print animals :)

A day with Ayden!  Also before the move, Gallie and I babysat Ayden for the ENTIRE day!  Gosh I forgot what it was like to take care of a baby and it's NOT easy!!!  Gallie was a big help though and we really enjoyed having him :)  He is a good little guy!

The condo.  It was actually really hard leaving this place.  Gallie and I got pretty emotional - we lived there for 7 years to the month.  Gallie was born there and it was the only home she knew and the only home we knew with her.  We are renting it though, so who knows... if we ever go broke we can sell the house and move back in!  It really was a nice place to live.

We miss you condo!

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